28th February 2023

Click | Hunter McDaniel | Strategizing for Corporate Partnership

How do you read the tea leaves of the economy to decide where to focus your energy? Hunter McDaniel of the quantum dot company UbiQD is a business strategist, even though he's a scientist by training. He has to be: there's no way to commercialize a scientific idea without developing a powerful awareness of the relevant business environment. But how do you actually do that? If you're in a B2B startup, or for that matter, in any complex ecosystem setting, you'll want to hear how Hunter pays attention to and makes sense of industry ebbs and flows to make major business decisions. Fireside Chat Number Fourteen at Click | the Startup Accelerator for Corporate Partnership took place on February 28, 2023. You'll learn: • Where to look for economic, industry and company patterns • How to make senese of what you're seeing • How to make use of those patterns in your decision-making • What the heck is a quantum dot anyhow? You can learn more about Click and sign up for future sessions here: corporateacceleratorforum.com/click