2nd January 2023

UbiQD 2022: Year in Review

UbiQD had a good year, marked by several noteworthy achievements. From new contracts with NASA and the USAF to exciting partnerships and collaborations, 2022 has been a year of growth and innovation for our team. As we look ahead, we are eager to continue building on our success and achieving even more in the coming year. We are excited for the future and all that it holds for UbiQD. In this post, we are looking back on some of our proudest moments from the past year of 2022. NASA Contract and Patent NASA awarded UbiQD a new contract to optimize and scale up our extruded UbiGro films for greenhouse roofing to boost crop yield in both space and on Earth. In addition, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted us a key patent on our greenhouse technology. Read more UbiGro Cover illustration USAF Contract The U.S. Air Force awarded UbiQD Small Business Innovation Research contracts to develop and scale up our quantum dot-tinted photovoltaic window technology, WENDOW. The scale and frequency of photovoltaic window projects coincide with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides a 30% tax credit for solar investments for the next ten years. Read more SICPA Partnership UbiQD expanded its partnership with SICPA to develop and commercialize anti-counterfeit security inks based on UbiQD's quantum dot technology. We have been co-developing QD-based security features for six years. Now, we have expanded our partnership to commercialize several security applications based on the novel characteristics of our technology. Read more UbiQD quantum dots SWM Partnership UbiQD and Schweitzer-Mauduit International announced a collaboration to develop a quantum dot (Q.D.) glass interlayer, enabling production efficiencies for photovoltaic window manufacturing to scale faster and at lower costs. "Together with SWM, we are reimagining what windows mean for the built environment and the decarbonization of buildings," said Hunter McDaniel, Founder, and CEO at UbiQD. Read more Heliene Partnership UbiQD and Heliene announced the initiation of a joint development agreement to embed UbiGro sunlight-optimizing technology in Heliene's photovoltaic modules. This will combine UbiGro® light optimizing technology to maximize crop yields with solar power generation for greenhouses, increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs. The partnership will focus on the emerging agriculture product category of agrivoltaics, where crop production and electricity production co-occur. Read more Western Washington University (WWU) Collaboration Western Washington University (WWU) alum Daniel Korus, current UbiQD Windows Project Manager, and UbiQD CPO Matt Bergren installed the largest solar windows of their kind at WWU's Western Gallery. The six windows, which measure 4x4 ft, contain a layer of nanoparticles of a special pigment that absorbs sunlight and glows in particular colors, guiding light to small solar cells to produce electricity. The collaboration represents the beginning of a technology that could help free cities from fossil fuels. Read more Western Washington University, UbiQD WENDOW solar window installation Launch of Two New UbiGro Inner Products UbiQD launched two new UbiGro greenhouse film products, which utilize quantum dot technology to create a new layer of light in a greenhouse that allows growers to optimize the light spectrum for increased crop growth. The films, called Inner-625 and Inner-650, work better for specific light conditions and target specific crop types. Read more UbiGro Case Studies We released new plant trial data on our greenhouse spectrum control technology, UbiGro, which utilizes fluorescent quantum dots to enhance crop growth. UbiGro has been installed in more than 30 greenhouses across the U.S. and in seven foreign countries. Our new plant trial data from customers have shown up to a +28% increase in crop production throughout our tomato, geranium, lettuce, and strawberry case studies. Read more UbiGro Inner greenhouse film New UbiGro Website We launched a new UbiGro website focused on the greenhouse industry. The website allows customers to learn more about our technology, review the latest data, and connect with a team of experts. Blue CuAl-based QDs We added a new composition of blue-emitting QDs based on copper and aluminum sulfide to our MIT patent license last year, and recently achieved >50% PLQY. New composition of blue-emitting QDs Four Patents Granted UbiQD has received four patents for its quantum dot technology, marking a significant achievement for the company. These patents enable us to continue exploring the potential of quantum dots and bring innovative solutions to the market. We appreciate the support of the patent office and are excited to continue advancing our technology. Podcasts Lab to Startup: UbiQD - Leveraging quantum dots to improve crop yield & harvesting sunlight to generate electricity Carbotnic Podcast: Quantum Dots and Climate Change Yale Climate Connections: These Holiday Inn windows have a secret job Team UbiQD's team is a diverse group of experienced, dedicated, and fun individuals passionate about driving innovation in the field of quantum dots and sustainability. In 2022, we were fortunate to expand our team by welcoming new members with a range of backgrounds, including materials science, engineering, digital marketing, sales, and more. Throughout the year, our team worked diligently to push the boundaries of what is possible in the advanced materials industry through research and the developing of new and improved applications. While we take our work seriously, we also know how to have fun and enjoy each other's company. In addition to our technical expertise, we place a strong emphasis on team building and fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. In 2022, we engaged in group outings, team-building activities, and professional development opportunities to cultivate a strong sense of community and cohesion. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta was a standout moment for us this year, a week-long celebration that brings together hot air balloon enthusiasts from around the globe. The event featured one-of-a-kind hot air balloons, live music, and other entertainment, and we participated in it as a team-bonding activity outside the office. The beautiful surroundings of New Mexico and the colorful hot air balloons added to the festive atmosphere, making it a truly memorable experience. The team at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta As we reflect on the past year, we are grateful for our team's hard work and dedication, which have been instrumental in driving UbiQD's success in 2022. We are excited to see what the future holds as we continue to work together and build upon our strong team foundation to bring innovative quantum dot solutions to the market. UbiQD 2022 team photo