UbiGro : A Luminescent Layer of Light

Sunlight Optimization for Greenhouses

We’re cultivating the intersection of agriculture & advanced materials with UbiGro, a luminescent layer of light that helps plants get more from the sun. It is designed to create an optimal growth environment spectrum for crops. UbiGro luminescent films use our novel quantum dot nanotechnology to harness the power of sunlight.

Learn more about UbiGro at www.ubigro.com.

UbiGro Luminescent Greenhouse Films

Our quantum dots uniquely modify sunlight to enhance photosynthetic efficiency and boost fruit and flower production.

  • Improved Photosynthetic Efficiency: Quantum dots in UbiGro shift a portion of UV & blue light towards the red. Increased red light improves chlorophyll absorption.
  • Boosted Fruit & Flower Production: Ideal lighting conditions encourage biomass accumulation, enabling plants to focus more energy on fruit and flower production.
  • Improved Full-Canopy Absorption: UbiGro emits in all directions allowing photons to be absorbed by the full canopy, increasing light absorption by lower leaves.

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