Sunlight Harvesting Window Tints

UbiQD solar windows are made from glass laminated with a quantum dot doped interlayer. The unique glow from our dots coupled with the index of refraction of glass enables highly efficient power generation without internal wires or other visual disruptions.

How it Works

  1. Quantum dot laminated glass absorbs sunlight
  2. Glow from quantum dots is trapped in glass by internal reflection
  3. Glow light is guided to edges
  4. Solar cells at edges generate electricity

Seamless Integration

A minimal photovoltaic profile and efficiently designed electronics allow UbiQD solar windows to fit into existing manufacturing and installation practices, making for a truly ubiquitous solar window.

Designed for Buildings of Today & Tomorrow

Micro-Grid (Localized DC Power). Optimal for retrofit solutions or those seeking to highlight the technology, this solution minimizes interference with existing building structures while highlighting the technology.

Smart Building Solutions. UbiQD solar windows can be integrated into a smart building system. The windows can support sensors and mechanical devices that help maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

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