Our Materials Set the Standard

UbiQD focuses on CIS (Copper, Indium, Sulphide) quantum dots (QDs). 

Bright. The bright and brilliant light emitted by QDs is a function of how efficiently they convert absorbed light to emitted light. UbiQD utlizes precision process control and protective shells. Near unity quantum yields and stability in tough exterior applications have been achieved from the visible to the NIR.

Safe. QDs have traditionally been synthesized with regulated metals like cadmium and lead or toxins like phosphines. UbiQD is founded on intrinsically safer QDs based on everyday materials like copper, zinc, and sulphur. We possess the exclusive license to these dots from both MIT and Los Alamos National Lab.

Affordable. Another key achievement by UbiQD is the simplicity of our scalable QD-making process. A patented process that relies on elegant thermodynamics, rather than overly complex engineering strategies, ensures our dots are affordable.

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