Our Materials

UbiQD’s patented technology surrounds quantum dots composed of safe and low-cost semiconductors, specifically the I-III-VI class of materials. Our efforts have been mainly focused on CuInS2 (CIS) and CuInSexS2-x (CISeS) QDs but other semiconductors are also within our expertise. These materials are not new in the bulk form (macro-sized) and are commonly known as “CIS” or “CIGS” in the solar industry. QDs of this material was first reported by the Bawendi Group at MIT in 2008. In more recent years, the preparation of monodisperse (see right) and highly luminescent CISeS dots has been demonstrated by the Klimov Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

Because this material can be an alloy, the optical spectrum can be tuned by composition (in addition to size), which enables greater flexibility. The cost can be significantly lower than alternative, toxic QDs on the market today, while a novel photoluminescence mechanism makes them particularly well-suited for emerging applications. We’ve got a new kind of quantum dot, one that can truely become ubiquitous.

  • They do not contain toxic heavy metals (e.g. Cd, Pb) or phosphines
  • Made by safe and scalable non-injection synthesis, 10x lower than other Cd-free QDs
  • Bright PL (up to >95% quantum yield) tunable from 550 to 1200 nm
  • Low self-absorption due to a large Stokes shift >300 meV
  • Stable PL at elevated temperature in air, water, and various composites

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