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Open Positions:

Director of Sales, Sales Reps

UbiQD is seeking an energetic, detail-oriented Director of Sales to provide sales leadership and support for our UbiGro product line. This position will report directly to the Company CEO, and work closely with the Chief of Product and VP of Business Development. This position involves providing support for the UbiGro Sales Representatives, but also serve as a role model for them by being boots on the ground. The company is also seeking Sales Representatives in key greenhouse markets, specifically in California. The job ads will be posted soon.

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R&D Chemical Engineer

The company is seeking an entry level Chemical Engineer to support scale up and manufacturing efforts at UbiQD. Specifically, this includes daily synthesis of semiconductor nanocrystals (i.e. QDs). R&D goals include optimizing scaled up manufacturing methods and charqacterization of properties for various use cases. Tasks may include developing newligand exchange reactions, stabilization, purification, and waste reduction. The ideal candidate has chemical industry experience, process development, and/or schlenk line chemistry.

Please view the full job ad here.

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R&D Electrical Engineer

UbiQD is seeking an R&D Electrical Engineer to focus on solar window electronics development. Candidates should have a BS in Electrical Engineering or similar discipline. Tasks may include some modest software development, and focus mostly on hardware development and testing. The focus in the nearterm will be on pilot project deployment and product refinement.

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