26th September 2019

Get in my Garden Podcast: Materials of the Future to Increase Greenhouse Yields

A couple months ago during his greenhouse visit at Growing Opportunities Hydroponics Farm, Get in my Garden Podcast host Aaron Moskowitz learned about a new technology company, UbiQD (pronounced like ubiquity) with an amazing new product that greatly increases greenhouse yields. Since they are located about 30 minutes from Santa Fe where he lives, he reached out to them to set up a little tour and to learn more about their research and what special material they are producing. “I really enjoyed seeing their materials up close, taking a peek inside their secret laboratory and then learning from Damon Hebert, head scientist, about the many potential eco-friendly and economic benefits of the products and materials they are making,” he says. In the podcast, Aaron shares about what UbiQD is researching and what the future may hold for solar technologies. https://soundcloud.com/aaron-moskowitz-633943488/episode-51-materials-of-the-future-to-increase-greenhouse-yields