9th February 2018

Add jobs by backing training program (OpEd)

We write today to ask the Legislature to provide robust funding for the Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP), one of our critical job-creation tools. We are job creators, representing companies from across the state that have utilized JTIP to expand and add jobs for people across New Mexico. We represent a broad array of industries, from advanced manufacturing and artificial intelligence to background screening and value-added agriculture. With the help of JTIP, companies like ours are able to hire and train new employees by offsetting training costs. In the last year alone, companies like Descartes Labs, UbiQD, PreCheck, Meow Wolf and Vitality Works have all used JTIP to create new jobs and ramp up growth – right here in New Mexico. Without a robustly funded JTIP program, companies like ours would lose opportunities to create new jobs and would have fewer opportunities to grow in our state. Read the full Albuquerque Journal OpEd here.