4th May 2015

Venture Acceleration Fund Invests in UbiQD

Four New Mexico Businesses Selected for 2015 Awards Los Alamos, N.M., May 4, 2015 - UbiQD, LLC is among four New Mexico businesses who have been named winners of this year’s Venture Acceleration Fund (VAF) awards, administered by the Regional Development Corporation. In the most competitive cycle to date, 61 applications were received from New Mexico companies in all phases of development. “This year’s VAF applications represented an impressive level of talent and commitment to growth,” stated Kathy Keith, executive director of the Regional Development Corporation. “And, all of our regional investment partners are actively working towards long-term, sustainable growth for the fund in order to support a greater number of future New Mexico entrepreneurs.” A total of $144,000 will be distributed to this year’s awardees, pending final contract negotiations. Selected companies for 2015 include:
  • UbiQD, Los Alamos: commercializing LANL technology, the company manufactures quantum dots and luminescent composites with applications in the paint and lighting industries.
  • Etkie, Bernalillo: manufacturer and distributor of luxury Native American jewelry, handcrafted by northern New Mexico tribal artisans.
  • IR Dynamics, Santa Fe: startup manufacturing thermally dynamic solar gain technology with applications ranging from architecture to performance clothing.
  • Vizzia, Santa Fe: technologically backed workflow improvement company focusing on environmental monitoring and asset management within the health care industry.
"We are proud to be among the this year's award recipients, it is a validation that we are having a meaningful and positive impact on Norther New Mexico", said McDaniel, UbiQD President and Founder. He further noted that the company "intends to use the funds for product development and team expansion" ... "look for more big announcements from us in the near future". This year’s four award winners expect to bring more than 60 full-time jobs to the New Mexico region by the year 2018. The VAF was established in 2006 by Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS), the company that manages Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), to stimulate the economy by supporting growth oriented companies. Now, it is a collaborative investment in these companies: in 2015, LANS contributed $83,000; New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) contributed $25,000; Santa Fe County contributed $20,000 and Los Alamos County contributed $16,000. The VAF award is structured as a zero-interest loan – with repayment required only if a company is acquired, achieves certain revenue goals or leaves New Mexico within a certain timeframe. The VAF is administered by the Regional Development Corporation. Originally created to commercialize technologies developed at LANL, the VAF now includes all types of businesses in every stage of development. About UbiQD, LLC UbiQD, LLC is a New Mexico limited liability company established in 2014 by Hunter McDaniel to commercialize QD technologies developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The company is located at the New Mexico Consortium (NMC) Laboratory in Los Alamos, which is in close proximity to LANL. UbiQD aims to manufacture high-performance, low-toxicity QDs so inexpensively that they can become ubiquitous, which is where the company’s name is derived. The dry Los Alamos climate provides the perfect conditions for reproducible nanomaterial production. More information about can be found at www.UbiQD.com. About the Venture Acceleration Fund (VAF) The VAF is a collaborative investment established by Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS) in 2006. This year LANS, along with Los Alamos County, New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and Santa Fe County are investing in the economic health of New Mexico via their support of growth-oriented companies. The fund is administered by the Regional Development Corporation of Española, New Mexico (www.rdcnm.org). About the Regional Development Corporation The Regional Development Corporation is a non-profit economic development organization based in Española, New Mexico with the mission of creating jobs and attracting additional revenue to the northern New Mexico region. Learn more at www.rdcnm.org.