30th November 2022

UbiQD launches two new greenhouse film products

UbiQD has launched two new greenhouse film products for its greenhouse industry-focused brand, UbiGro. UbiGro incorporates UbiQD’s quantum dot technology to create a new layer of light in a greenhouse that enables growers to create a more optimal light spectrum for increased crop growth. “At UbiGro, we recognize that not all growers have the same needs when it comes to the quality of light for their crop. Our new films have peak emissions more toward the red end of the spectrum, so depending on where you are growing, what you are growing, and how much natural light your grow currently has, we will have a product to fit your needs.“ said Eric Moody, Director of Sales and Marketing for UbiQD. UbiGro line of luminescent films How UbiGro Works UbiGro greenhouse films convert a portion of the UV and blue photons from the sun’s light into increased red photons to improve crop photosynthesis. The film has been deployed worldwide in over 100 trials in 30+ greenhouses, where growers produce various crop types, from vegetative to fruit and flowers. The new UbiGro greenhouse films, Inner-625 and Inner-650, work better for specific light-level conditions and target better individual crop types. The number in each film product name corresponds to the color of each film, based on the visible light spectrum. “We at UbiGro are excited to expand our offerings with two new colors to help growers improve the quality of their natural light. We are actively looking for trial partners for the Inner-625 and 650 to further prove our technologies,” said Damon Hebert, PhD, Director of Agriculture Research at UbiQD. For more information: UbiGro [email protected] UbiGro.com