Art and Design

Luminescent design elements (e.g., paint or cosmetics) are another application for UbiQD’s quantum dots and nanocomposites. One might want to utilize the unique eye-catching look of QDs to make a logo stand out on a product, grab attention for an advertisement, or create a piece of art with a completely unique interaction with light. Imagine luminescent car paint, sunglasses frames that glow in the sun, or an art gallery where the art creates its own light. Following FDA approval, UbiQD’s quantum dots could be an interesting additive to luminescent cosmetics (a $265B industry) as well.

Since UbiQD’s materials can be incorporated into inks and plastics, the resulting composites may be used as a standalone product. Applying over existing pigments, or reflective materials, to enhance their color with a luminescent glow might be an interesting effect. In sports where headlights or other remote light sources are not available, but high visibility is needed (e.g., skiing), the absorption and emission properties of our QDs will be superior to reflective materials. Another important customer benefit would be the flexibility in design that QD pigments or plastics/resins would offer.

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