Purchase Quantum Dots

Please email sales@ubiqd.com with details about what you would like to purchase. In your email identify the peak emission (550-1150 nm), amount (weight),  payment method (credit card, check, or wire), and shipment destination. We will respond promptly with a quote. 

We ship in powder form and guarantee QY > 70%. The prices are:

500 mg – $900

1.0 g – $1,500

For more information, see our spec sheets: UBIQD-6, UBIQD-6680

Additional shipping, fees, and taxes will apply. Higher QY, water solubility, emission beyond the range specified above, and more are available for a premium.

Our QDs are for R&D purposes only and no license is granted in the sale.

While the company’s primary focus is in enabling windows to generate electricity, UbiQD also currently sells its materials for R&D purposes and provides R&D services such as quantum yield measurements.

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